Develop Guide

How to use Developer IDE to develop your scripts

Robotmon scripts APIs

RBM library for beginner (auto support different resolution)

Raw APIs for efficiency, You should hold every thing yourself.

Web view APIs

Javascript interface for controlling Floating Window and Robotmon Service (JavascriptInterface.runScript();)

Javascript Events for receiving events from Floating Window and Robotmon Service (onLog())

GRPC Commands

GRPC commands for communicating with Robotmon Service. You can connect to robotmon service anywhere.

Robotmon Developer Tool

  1. Unzip it (If using MAC OS, move app to Applications folder)

  2. Open It. Success!

Service Controller

IDE will receive broadcast from phones, and show on left side. If not received you can add a service by IP

You should choice one service (device) to start

If use emulator, you should forward port first, then connect to

adb forward tcp:8081 tcp:8081

Script Controller

Open JS file, and Run it (execute JS script in editor) or Stop it (call stop() function)

Script Editor

Simple JS editor, you can use other editor too

Just do a test!

console.log('Hello world!');

Then click 'Run'


Show console log

Screen Controller

Start/Stop sync Screen.

  • Tap: tap screen by click

  • Color: get color info by click

  • Crop: crop an image (by selection) in to /sdcard/Robotmon/scripts/ (You may want to editor app name first) (This function is base on RBM library)

Floating window

After opening floating window by click scripts, it will do two things:

  1. Create a web view and load index.html file.

  2. Load index.js and inject to Robotmon Service.

(*** So index.js and index.html are independent ***)

There are 6 buttons on menu of Floating window. And onEvent will receive 6 events with them. You should control with them yourself.

  • Icon button - show/hide menu and inject event OnMenuClick

  • Start button - inject event OnPlayClick

  • Pause button - inject event OnPauseClick

  • Log button - show/hide log and inject event OnLogClick

  • Setting button - show/hide setting UI (web view) and inject event OnSettingClick

  • Close button - close script and inject event OnCloseClick

In index.html, you should put UI of settings in <body></body> and controller in <script></scripts> (like function onEvent(){})


<!-- You can load any library here like jQuery -->
  function onEvent(eventType) {
    if (eventType == 'OnPlayClick') {
      JavaScriptInterface.runScript('start();'); // call start function in index.js
      // you can also put parameters like 'start(10, "run", "stop")'
    } else if (eventType == 'OnPauseClick') {
      JavaScriptInterface.runScript('stop();'); // call stop function in index.js
  function onLog(message) {
  <div>Setting UI</div>

More examples

Test Your Scripts

With IDE

You can just click Run in Developer Tool, then developer tool will send your scripts to Robotmon service and run it.

With Robotmon App (Web view APIs)

Preparing two file index.js and index.html (Or zip two file as and put them into phone /sdcard/Robotmon/scripts/

Publish your scripts

1. Git fork and clone

2. Add your scripts in scripts folder

3. ZIP all your files as

4. Editor script-config.json and add information about your scripts

5. Commit and push to your branch

Make a pull request to

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