Robotmon Announcement

Rbotomon version 4.2

Robotmon announcement

Thank you all for using Robotmon! As you know the Robotmon is a totally free service and heavily rely on Ads to survive. However, recently we got tons of invalid Ads activities ( that kill our Ads revenue. We believe the reason of huge invalid Ads is that the Ads could be click away. In this case people tend to click away the ads when they start Robotmoning.

To keep Robotmon alive (and more important, free), we decided to remove the behavior that Ads can be clicked away. Please feel free to click the Ads (but only when you are attracted by the Ads itself). Meanwhile we are aware that some games would be affected by the Ads banner. You can either subscribe to remove the Ads, or as an free alternative, use the 'points'. The points can be used to remove the Ads banner. Each point gives you one Ads free Robotmon script running, and you will not be charged again within 30 minutes. You can get more 'points' by watching rewarding Ads, or you can buy them directly.

Thanks again for playing with us!! Please support us through Ads or subscribe so that we would be able to add more features to this society!

Robotmon 公告

首先感謝各位對Robotmon的支持,Robotmon是個免費使用的腳本工具,我們依賴廣告轉取微薄的收益。但因近幾個月來Robotmon的廣告無效流量大增,導致廣告收益被廣告商取消。經過我們的調查與嘗試,原因來自廣告點擊消失,這個設定可能會讓使用者習慣點擊廣告,導致無效流量。 無效流量的定義



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